Patchwork girl and Robo boy

 So, I've been selected once again to particpate in the lovely "Made in Granada" craft market. All motors go go go!

I want to bring some new items with me this time. In the last edition I took my usual hand painted necklaces, blank cards, fimo doll brooches and some paper dolls. This time I want to take things a little further.

You've already seen my Sleeping artists brooches and earrings, I'm also planning on doing some famous faces using the same technique but I also wanted to have a go at printing out scanned drawings, so that's what I've been working on today.

I did a couple of quick sketches yesterday of Patchwork girl and Robo boy.

Robo boy I shoved into the computer and added some metal textures, the result didn't convince me. I think maybe the hair? Anyway, I think I'll have another go at him tomorrow with some watercolors.

I gave Patchwork girl some watercolor. I don't think this would be the finished product but I do think It's cute.

I ended up darkening her a bit. Too much rosey pink for my liking. She is sweet enough though. I think maybe some material collaging could fit in quite well...

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