Snow white hands.

This is the most popular necklace in my shop. This one along with my "Upside down is best" trapeze girl. France, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Brazil... I love international orders!

Anyways... I feel a tutorial coming on this weekend... So keep your eyes peeled if you want to know some of my secrets...

Get your own Snow White hands necklace here.

Girly brooches.

I bought myself some Fimo a couple of weeks ago and did some expreimenting... This is what turned out.

I had a craft market coming up and thought I better bring more than just my usual Shrinky necklaces. Pretty cute huh?

I rolled the Fimo into little balls, squished some eye sockets in, pulled out a nose and shoved them in the oven. When they were finished baking I painted hair and features on the faces and put them back in the oven... The dresses are made out of Shrink plastic. 

They went down really well for the market and Christmas, I have no brooches left but I do have some necklaces still available here.

Good morning world!

So, every now and then I log onto my website, change how it all looks and then forget about it for a couple of years... I think that I should really take it a bit more seriously. The plan is that on this page you'll be able to see bits and pieces that I'm working on, tips and tricks, finished products, links to interesting sites and anything else that springs to me...

Here's a picture from a photo shoot I did the other day with my favorite necklace, the flying piggy.

Watch this space for some fun things to come!