Embroidery bliss

So I tried my hand at embroidery yesterday, first time ever... Well, I've stitched beads onto collars and corsets but never tried to make a picture with thread. I had some great fun doing it! Super relaxing!

Around Granada there's not as much choice as in other cities but I went to a crafty sort or shop just off San Juan de Dios which had really nice quality hoops, a bit pricey, but nice. I think I might take my first piece off this hoop and use it for a brooch or something and maybe use the hoop for something special that I can leave there for display... We shall see.

Whatever I make it into is going straight onto my Etsy so keep your eyes peeled if your interested... I've decided to add more of the bits I do each day into my shop and not just limit it to necklaces. Curious to see if they're liked or not.

I'm working on a face for an art doll with my bigger hoop at the moment. Shall post when it's finished! Or... process pictures maybe? Oooh!

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